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" A Better Computer Solution"


                We are experts in this field we offer nothing but customer satisfaction 100% guranteed

About Us

Marq Chopra


I am Marq Chopra the founder of Maxintosh Enterprise. When we started this company back in 2013 was with families, friends, loved ones, and the whole community in mind. Main goal is to give back with 100% customer satisfaction. Keeping families and friends connected is a new modern way of communication and we are here to provide 24/7 efficient service to keep them connected. We understand having a working computer is important for working at home families, businesses and many companies, upgrading your service through us is our promise. We have trained and worked with secret projects with the best companies including Apple and Microsoft to be able to deliver the best knowledgeable service for our customers. We are always training with the best to learn new advances to continue to deliver the best services. We are very competitive and guarantee the best service.

i accidentally erased my 2013 Macbook Pro and i thought i was done i even took it to Apple for them to try and erase it they told me it was a motherboard issue i came accross Marq and in within hours he had my computer back up and running and with new programs too!!! 5 Stars 

Akeem Nayugi
Los Angelos

bought a new Macbook pro on offer up turned out it was locked i thought for sure my money went down the drain marq was able to take the password lock off without even knowing the original it was a like a hack of a miracle. will definitely come back thank you Maxintosh Enterprise!

Krystal Chez
,Solana Beach

“As a platinum selling music producer with Chris Brown, I always have to have a working computer, my computer went down and Marq Chopra was able to get me up and running when no one else could”

Leon YoungBlood
Beverly Hills

been using this guy for years never let me down always has a solution to whatever the issue is fast easy and afforable they have done software repairs for me to hardware repairs to fully maxing out a mac pro on another level hands down the best!

Music Producer


"We provide local services for the San Diego area, but if you are in another area or other parts of the world, we can still help, and we will connect to your computer remotely via an Internet connection"


1267 WILLIS ST STE 200 CA 96001

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